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Putting on a fine show of altruism: Syrian Christians offer meals to fasting Muslims


Syrian Christians distributing meals to the fasting Muslims, in Syrian city of Aleppo. Christians have started distributing meals among Muslims since the start of Ramadan 2016. Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, in compliance with their religious teachings. It is a simple gesture of solidarity between citizens of different faiths.

Syrian Christians distribute meals among the fasting Muslims

The Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo is actively offering food for breakfast in the morning and evening meals to the lowliest fasting Muslims in the Sulaimaniyah area. In the local Archdiocese, at the Cathedral of St. Ephrem a center has been formed where Muslims are served food twice a day and will be served till the end of Ramadan.

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The Archdiocese stated that the act is a just a simple gesture to convey message of solidarity between citizens hailing from different religious backgrounds. The archdiocese stated that it is extended kindness hoping that this results in restoration of harmony as it was among the various ethnic and religious communities prior to conflicts and war.

At many a times, the conflicts have brought Christians and Muslims together, in the form of gestures of interfaith solidarity between Christians and Muslims. Previously, Church has offered housing to orphan Muslim children whose accommodation was devastated by bombing.