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Quaid-e-Azam Residency:The burnt legacy


QUETTA: The consumption of all quiet, Ziarat by militancy summons Pakistani nation to ridicule.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency after attack
Quaid-e-Azam Residency after attack

 Rockets thrusting at the unfeigned legacy of Pakistan- militants owning the Balochistan Liberation Army BLA have ravaged the Ziarat Residency. In the wee small hours of Saturday, 15th of June, 2013 so far as possible four militants raided from the close by mountains under wraps of darkness and  creeped in the historical building, says Additional Deputy Commissioner Naseeb Kakar.


Militants then planted several bombs, though it is not yet clear whether they were timed bombs or remote-controlled devices. Once they detonated, the resulting fire swept through the structure, causing serious damage,” Police official Asghar Ali said.


The Ziarat Residency, which had its balcony, floor and front made of wood, has been totally gutted,” he said.



When they encountered the two security personnel who were deputed at the building, the militants opened fire killing Muhammad Tahir, one of the guards,” he told.



The insurgents at that moment fled safe and sound and unobstructed. The BLA later triumphantly publicized responsibility for the attack. What is more, according to the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, the militants also took down the Pakistan flag that flew at the residency and replaced it with the BLA’s own flag; adding to shame.



 Sorrowfully, not just building was destroyed in the attack, but the Quaid’s personal belongings, were also burnt to ashes together with quite a few valuable portraits of the Quaid.



A fire brigade team from Quetta rushed to the scene, claiming to have defused another six bombs. The Central Library close by the Residency survived the assault and remained unharmed.



An eye-witness of this heart-rending incident; the watchman of the Ziarat residency, Habibullah, recounts: “I was in the washroom when I heard the first blast It was around 1:45 am at night when the attack took place.” He said that as an instinct he lay down on the floor when the first explosion; which was proceeded by firing. “At least four blasts took place in the Residency, completely destroying it,” he said.



IG police Mushtaq Sukhera, aired his response, saying that they were not anticipating any such incident which is totally unexpected for all authorities. “This is a peaceful area and people usually come here for rest and recreation,” he said.



In the intervening time, the Chief Secretary of Balochistan Babar Yaqub, sternly condemned the attack, said that despite the worst of conflicts national assets like the Residency were not attacked before. “It was an undisputed structure. It had never received any threat in the past. Local people had special love for this site because it had been attracting local and foreign tourists,” he said. “The people involved in the destruction of our national monument will not be spared,” he added resolutely.



He further declared that the Chief Minister of Baluchistan Dr. Abdul Malik has promised that the building would be rebuilt and restored to its original condition.



This incident puts a question mark on the performance of the local authorities. The apparent security lapse constantly stimulates many questions, as the performance of the security authorities remains dubious.