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Radical Groups Oppose Marriage Of A Christian With A Muslim


(NOTE: Real names of the characters have been withheld)

A young couple from Lahore, a Christian boy Zeeshan and a Muslim girl Rabia, both college students, were seized in Karachi by a group of Islamic extremists who intend to oppose to their marriage.

A couple faces violence
A couple faces violence

According to reports, the two got married according to Muslim rite (the boy converted to Islam) in June 2013, but Rabia’s family and groups of radical Islamists violently opposed to the marriage. The extremists broke into the house of Zeeshan’s cousin, in Karachi, where the two had hid after fleeing their homes. Both were kidnapped.
A Christian lawyer reported the incident to Fides. According to the lawyer, even some police officers are involved in the case and support the illegal and violent action.

Immediately after the wedding, the extremists filed a complaint against the boy. The police also arrested members of Zeeshan’s family, accusing them of forced marriage, although Rabia has already stated to have married according to her free will and consent.