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RAWALPINDI: Church Set On Fire, Pastor Terms It Was An Attempt To Harass Local Christian Community


RAWALPINDI: Burning of the church seems to be a strategy to trap terror- stricken Christian community in the city.

Burnt Church building-Rawalpindi
Burnt Church building-Rawalpindi

According to media reports, Qamar ul Zaman Pastor in charge of the Living Branch Church says that there is no hostility with anyone however it seems that burning of our church may be just trick or trap to terrorize Christian community and create problem among Christian faith for other faiths in Pakistan.

As per details, Pastor Qamar Ul Zaman told that the incident happened on 29th of December, at around 2 AM. He received the news that his church has caught fire at around 4 AM when smoke and fumes surrounded the area nonetheless at the moment when he was informed whole church building had already been burnt completely. Pastor Qamar Ul Zaman says that there was no problem detected with electricity supply to the church building. However, he suspects that some people wanted to harass and threaten the Church Pastor and Christian community in Rawalpindi. Nonetheless, Pastor Qamar Ul Zaman reveals that the church administration did not receive any kind of threat from anyone.