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Reaching the Unreached Through Digital and Audio Bibles


Coming from modest beginnings as a cassette tape lending library more than 40 years ago, Faith Comes By Hearing audio Bible ministry has succeeded its wildest expectations.

According to a news release from Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), at one time, the ministry focused solely on those in the American church and provided content in one language – English.

Today, it is an international organization providing free digital access to Scripture recordings in over 830 languages that are spoken or signed by over 5.7 billion people.

Across all of its digital platforms, the ministry has seen Bible engagement from more than 200 million users in just the last four years.

FCBH’s Digital Bible Platform houses the world’s largest repository of digital Scripture text, audio and video. That’s freely shared with partnering developers via an open API (application programming interface).

The system’s distribution points include the Bible.is app, Deaf Bible app, Bible.is website, Internet Radio Network, Satellite TV, iTunes pod cast store, Samsung Smart TV app, an online streaming player and digital downloads.
Troy Carl, FCBH vice president and conceptual creator of the platform, said in the news release, “Our goal is simple to make the Bible freely available to every person on the planet in a format they can actually use and in a language they understand.”

FCBH said, “That straightforward focus and commitment was evidenced clearly when Faith Comes By Hearing released the Deaf Bible app almost two years ago.”

The Digital Bible Platform now houses and provides access to video Bible translations in 14 sign languages, with more being added regularly.

The ministry also has 24/7 Audio Bible channels broadcasting on satellite TV in the Middle East. The current channels are in Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Azerbaijani and Turkish, with plans to expand to other prominent languages spoken in the region. This is done in partnership with SAT-7, which promotes each of these on its own broadcast stations.