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Refugees Sleep In Streets, Buildings And Churches In Erbil


A Christian relief organization Response International (CRI) has been working on the frontlines in Iraq recently revealed the difficulties Iraqi refugees are facing.

Refugees have no place to sleep
Refugees have no place to sleep

CRI has been on the ground in Iraq for 9 months, working assiduously to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the numerous refugees fleeing ISIS. In recent times, the team purchased $75,000 worth of medical supplies and has set up medical clinics throughout the city of Erbil which are staffed with volunteer doctors and other medical personnel. CRI has also rented buildings in which refugees are able to stay free of charge.

CRI Director-Sean Malone says, “There are 1.6 million displaced people in Iraq right now, and there are no places for people to sleep. People are sleeping in streets, sleeping in churches, sleeping unfinished buildings in Erbil. But churches are overwhelmed; resources are not getting to where they need to be.”