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Religious minorities are diffidently aggrieved says Chairman Prime Minister’ Prayer Team


Member of United Bishops Council, Bishop Yaqub Paul whines about the fact that religious minorities are being systematically aggrieved. He said that methodical persecution is resulting in the minorities getting diffident; the issue needs to be addressed at urgent basis, he explained.

Religious Minorities suffering Pakistan

He pointed out to the fact that minorities’ oftentimes cannot even make both ends meet in an honorable way, as the case of Khaleel Masih, a Christian ice cream vendor’ beating is a clear example of the phenomenon. All these factors are piling up sense of insecurity among the religious minorities living in the country, he said. Government must act in order to provide relief to these side lined Pakistanis, he demanded.

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In the wake of growing insecurities and diffidence, there is an inevitable need to form peace committees at rural and urban levels, Bishop Paul suggested. He emphasized upon the fact that in the rural areas, lawlessness is at its peak, which gives rise to religion based extremism and persecution. “Religious Minorities are facing discrimination,” he said while adding that the international human rights organizations need to mull over the issue before it’s too late.

He voiced his concerns for the religious minorities in the country saying persecution is increasing on daily basis, incidents of Christians being maltreated are happening are a daily routine. “Few days ago, a Christian woman in Lahore’ Haji Park Taj Pura area went through an horrendous ordeal, which is reprehensible, yet none of the government officials lend an ear to her cries,” he said.

What is more, women are being pestered at workplaces, despite that fact that there are legislation that empower women but only on governmental level. Majority of the working women are insecure, which means there is an abrupt need for legislation regarding workplace harassment of women. The perpetrators must be castigated, so as to thwart the scourge from further dispersal.