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Religious minorities in Iraq at risk of extinction says Minority Rights Group


Religious minorities including Christians are facing serious risks of extinction in Iraq, says a Minority Rights Group. The groups stated that post-Saddam era has not seen receding of violence and extremism towards the religious minorities in Iraq. MRG head Mark Lattimer stated: “The impact on minorities has been catastrophic.”

ISIS terrorism in Iraq

“Saddam was terrible; the situation since is worse. Tens of thousands of minorities have been killed and millions have fled for their lives,” MRG head continued. In a recent report published by MRG, which was titled “No Way Home: Iraq’s Minorities on the Verge of Disappearance,” it has been disclosed that Iraq’ Christian population was 1.4 million before U.S. invasion, however ever since the post-Saddam era it has nose-dived to 250,000.

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In addition, the European Parliament Intergroup on Freedom of Religion or Belief and Religious Tolerance also released a report on June 30 which was tilted, “Annual Report on the State of Freedom of Religion or Belief in the World 2015-2016.” The report contained serious concerns for possible extinction among Christians in Iraq and Syria, and other religious minorities.

“One cannot say anything positive about Saddam – he was a genocidal dictator, but for many minorities the situation is now much worse,” said Lattimer co-author of the report. “Chilcot is expected to criticise ‘post-invasion planning’ but the U.K. government’s biggest — and continuing — mistake has been to support successive Iraqi governments since 2003 in a sectarian war that has cost tens of thousands of civilian lives on both sides,” Lattimer said.