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Religious Minorities Unhappy Over Their Representation In Local Bodies’ Election 2015


Minorities protesting outside Lahore Press Club

LAHORE: Political and religious workers from different minorities protest against he selection not election of minorities’ representatives in the local bodies elections.

According to reports, an urgent meeting of political and religious workers of minorities gathered in Lahore to condemn the local bodies’ election act. Under this act, representatives of religious minorities are selected not elected by minorities.

The protest was staged outside the Lahore press club, which was attended by people from different religious minorities. At this occasion, Chairman of Qaumi Masihi Party, Hanif Masih said,” Even General Pervez Musharraf had given a right to minorities to elect their representatives in the local bodies’ elections.”

“Christians were always neglected during the Sharif brothers’ government, he added, “they introduce such laws that curtail the rights of religious minorities.”

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Khalid Shahzad, a political and social activist said,” I had attached hopes with the Punjab government that it would do good to religious minorities but it had even failed to implement the Supreme Court June 19, 2014 judgment. With this type of injustice we cannot see the bright Pakistan we want to see being materialized.”

Tariq Siraj, Chairman of Muthidda Masihi Party said,” Real leadership emerges from local body elections and this is a conspiracy to keep religious minorities from mainstream politics.”

Dr. Riaz Asi, Chairman of Alfa Human Rights Care Association said,” Human rights violations and abuses dramatically increase during Sharif brothers’ tenure.”

Moreover, parliamentarians of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in the Punjab Assembly assured that they would not tolerate that rights of Pakistani religious minorities be overthrown. The PTI representatives said that the minorities in Pakistan are already feeling lost, who believe they have no role to play in the legislations being introduced in the country.

The prominent leaders who attended this meeting include, Advocate Nadeem Hassan, Advocate Haddayyat Gill, and Advocate Mehmood Saeed, Javed Julius, Saddiq Raushan and Javed Asim- the last three ex- councillors of Pakistan Muslim Legal-Qaid-e-Azam.