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Religious Teacher became Pedophile in Okara


In Okara, Basit Town a minor became rape victim of her own religious teacher. The uncle identified as Muhammad Asif, of the minor girl instantly reported in the police station about the alleged known as Abdul Malik. There are many religious teachers who still give religious tuition in private to other girls in the area.

Religious Teacher became Pedophile in Okara

According to sexually assaulted girl’s uncle, he informed the police that the minor became victim of the inhumane Quran tutor when other girls were out of the house and the minor was alone.

The girl’s uncle Muhammed Asif told the police that the culprit tempted the little girl for staying home while her other companions were going out. The culprit took advantage of the situation and raped her poor niece.

Presently the victimized girl is in the hospital. Abdul Malik the culprit confessed of his crime while interrogation in the police station. His DNA samples have been obtained to continue further investigation.

Yet Zainab’s case has not been resolved,there are many rape cases of the minor reported almost each day but they remain failed to get justice. Every day a minor girl became victim of an inhumane person the reason behind it that there is no death penalty of such brutal act.Until there will be no strict punishment for the pedophile till then many Zainabs would be continuously become victim of such brutal crime in Pakistan.