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Reliving history: Christian yougsters explore Peshawar’s historic Qila Balahisar


For the very first time in recent times, a group of Christian youngsters was allowed to explore the monumental Qila Balahisar in Peshawar. The monument is currently being used as head quarter by the Frontier Corps (commonly known as F.C) – part of paramilitary forces in the country. The visitors included Christians from various denominations.

Christiasn youngsters of Peshawar visit Qila Balahisar

The delegation of visitors included Christians from churches from across the city. This visit was brought about under the auspices of Additional Deputy Commissioner F.C. Shahid Mehmood. The main organizers of the visit were Yasir Bhatti, Olyab Shahzad and Suleman Javaid. The visit was initiated by prayer offered by Bishop Ernest Jacob.

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Followed by prayers, the visitors were led to various parts of the monument and were given a chance to see the museum inside the fort. The visiting delegation which included youth from Saint John Cathedral, All Saint Church, AOC Youth, AOG Catholic Church and Christian Student Federation. The youngsters were enthralled; as they learnt more about the history of their city and expressed keen interest in the relics put on display in the museum.

While remarking about the visit, one of the organizers Yasir Bhatti said: “We are thankful to the Additional Deputy Commissioner Shaid Mehmood who gave us chance to visit the fort. We were allowed to visit the museum and other historical places inside the fort and we learnt a lot about the history of Peshawar.”

The fort Qila Balahisar is one of the most historic places of Peshawar, the fort has been used by the Afghan and Sikh kings in the times past; after the independence of Pakistan, in 1949 it was chosen as the head quarter for the Frontier Corps.