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Remembering Hendry Masih – A Voice of Balochistans Minorities


June 14th marked two years since the assassination of Christian MPA Hendry Masih. He was gunned down by his own body guard at the Minister Provincial Assembly Hostel in Quetta.

Hendry Masih was the MPA of Balochistan’s small Christian community and also advocated the persecution of other minorities in Balochistan. On raising his voice against persecution of minorities he once said, “Minorities, despite being equal citizens as guaranteed by the constitution, cannot hold the office of the prime minister or of the president.”

After working as a sweeper in his adolescence in his home town of Mastung, Hendry claimed that he was proud to serve his community and the society will be incomplete without this profession.

Hendry Masih started his political career under the Baloch Students Organization and then joined Chief Minister Abdul Malik Baloch’s National Party. Unopposed, he was elected on the seat reserved for minorities.

Hendry was popular among all religious minorities that live in Balochistan as he advocated for their rights and always stood up for the injustices faced by them.

In an assassination similar to that of Governor Salman Taseer, Hendry Masih lived a life worth remembering and the way he served his people. Despite holding office he would visit people door to door to make them aware of their rights and to promote education.

The selfless efforts of this Christian hero are never to be forgotten.