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Renewing Worship In Pakistan


Pastor Eric Sarwar from Presbyterian Church of Pakistan labors for a renewal of Worship in Pakistan.

Pastor Sarwar instituted a Church in a Christian community located in the suburb of Karachi. His congregation is too poor to meet his commuting expenses so to make both ends meet he works at a Muslim girl’s school. “You can imagine in a vast majority of Muslim communities how God has put a church as salt and a light. Somehow we are free to worship and are not largely persecuted. But we are in daily threat from blasphemy laws and extremism. When you are surrounded by such kind of threats, your only hope, only refuge, only stronghold is your God. So church inPakistanis strong in faith, active in evangelism,” he exclaims.

Provided that nearly two third of the Christians in Pakistan are illiterate; Pastor Sarwar is toiling to fashion Biblically rich resources that these unlearned people can hear, watch and sing. His foremost emphasize is on youth, and education and training of Church leaders in the area of Worship and Church music.

The first upshot of Pastor Sarwar’s toil is a Punjabi Zaboor CD. Pastor Sarwar gives details, “The Psalms are divine and inspired, a book for all ages, the first worship and hymnbook in our native language. This heritage is ‘the Bible of illiterates’ and the cord of unity in all denominations.”

By Madeeha Shakeel Senior Journalist – Christians in Pakistan Newswire