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Renowned Christian televangelist terms persecution of Christians ‘genocide’


Famed televangelist Reverend Franklin Graham, has called upon fellow believers all over the world to struggle against the systematic “Christian genocide.” This genocide he said has resulted in deaths of believers in a number beyond comprehension.

Persecution of Christians

Speaking on May 10, the televangelist addressed the audience at a four-day World Summit in Defense of Christians, aimed to highlight the issue of global persecution of Christians. “It is safe to say that over 100,000 a year are killed because of their faith in Christ. In the last 10 years that would be close to a million people. It’s the equivalent of a Christian genocide,” Graham told the World Summit in Defense of Christians.

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“I am sure the number of Christians who are in prison or martyred each year would stagger our mind if we really knew what the total number really was. And it would send us to our knees in sorrow and in prayer,” he told an audience of about 600 Christians hailing from various countries.

Reverend Graham went on to explain that there is obvious ongoing violence against Christians in the regions such as the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. “Far more widespread, however, is the discrimination and open hostility that millions of believers encounter every day because of their loyalty to Jesus,” he said.

“In the name of tolerance, Christians are often treated with intolerance because they stand for moral purity and they stand for God’s truth. In the name of patriotism, Christians are often treated as unpatriotic because they follow a higher authority, almighty God,” he continued.

Other speakers who addressed the audience on this occasion included, Metropolitan Tikhon, Bishop of the Orthodox Church in America, and Reverend Mouneer Hanna Anis, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Egypt. Reverend Mouneer laid stress on the fact that Coptic Christians have expressed and extended love to the killers of their relatives. “The forgiveness that has been expressed by families of martyrs is the most powerful witness in the face of terrorism,” he said.