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Report on ‘Securing Minorities’ Submitted in Supreme Court


The capital city police of Islamabad have submitted a report mentioning details of special security arrangements made for minorities’ places of worship.

The six page report was submitted in the apex court. It is further mentioned that at present, 722 mosques, 39 imambargahs and 53 churches are situated in Islamabad. It added out of 722 mosques in the capital, 228 were from the Barelvi, 465 from Deobandi, 39 from Ahle Tashi, 29 from Ahle Hadis and five from other schools of thought.

The report also says that worship places of minorities are sensitive and prone to terror attacks. There have also been apprehensions of more terrorist activities that might happen in these places was also mentioned in the report.

The capital police said that different security programs have been issued from the office of the SSP Operations for the protection of churches, mosques and imambargahs. The report has also directed religious scholars to refrain from any hate speech and being involved in any negative practices.

Regarding the employment of minorities, the court was told that a five per cent quota for the candidates belonging to minorities is being observed as per the government policy.