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Representatives Of Iraqi Christians Meet White House Officals


The US President Barrack Obama is often criticized for closing eyes to the massacre of Christians in Iraq.

White House addresses the issue of Iraq's Christians
White House addresses the issue of Iraq’s Christians

Seeing the worsening situation the White House arranged a meeting of a top adviser to President Obama with representatives of Iraqi and Assyrian Christians. According to details, the White House said that during the meeting, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes “condemned the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL) ongoing attacks on the Christian and minority communities in northern Iraq and the group’s systematic destruction of religious sites.”

Mr. Rhodes laid emphasis on the US administration’s in progress efforts to support Iraqi leaders “to form an inclusive government that can address the rights and legitimate concerns of all of Iraq’s diverse communities, including Iraq’s Christians.
“Only then can Iraq successfully and sustainable confront the security and humanitarian challenges all of its citizens face in the common fight against ISIL,” the White House said.

“Christianity as we know it in Iraq is being wiped out. It is a crime against humanity. Where is the West? Where is the Obama Administration? Where is the Congress? The silence is deafening.”

A San Diego based Chaldean leader Mark Arabo, who attended the White House meeting, said that the crisis is a “Christian Holocaust.” “Christianity in Mosul is dead. We have hundreds of thousands of families that are fleeing from the country, getting beheaded, being tortured, mutilated. We’re asking President Obama to move faster, and we’re hoping that we’ll have the same success as we had with the State Department meetings and also with members of Congress,” he said.

The White House stated that Mr. Rhodes “appreciated hearing the vital perspectives of these important communities regarding the difficulties facing Iraq’s Christians.”