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Research: 50 States where you CAN’T be a Christian in 2017


Christian charity disclose a Shocking new Research about million of Christians across the world are facing penalties including imprisonment, persecute and death for practicing their faith. North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan are the most dreadful countries to explicitly follow the teachings of the Bible, according to the study by Open Doors.

Research 50 States where you CAN'T be a Christian in 2017

North Korea has been affirmed the most dangerous country in the world for Christians since 2002. Because of dictator Kim Jong-un’s brutal crackdown against the nation’s estimated 300,000 Christians. The Christian charity found the global level of Christian persecution has goes up for the fourth year in a row, with Asian countries showing a particularly quick rise.

The study also found that Islamic extremism was answerable for increased hostility in 14 of the top 20 counties on the list. The research exposed that the followers of Jesus living in India were faced very high level of persecution as “Hindu nationalists batter the churches”.

Open Doors says: “Tens of thousands of Christians are incarcerated in horrific labour camps, and thousands more keep their faith in Christ a complete secret – often their own family members do not know of their faith.”

The research says in Afghanistan, which ranks third in the study, it is unlawful for Afghans to carry out any faith other than Islam. But in spite of the ban, Open Doors estimates there are thousands of Christians living in the central Asian country.

The charity says: “Discovered believers will sometimes be sent to a mental hospital, as families believe no sane person would leave Islam.” Whereas India ranked 15th on its list because it says there are efforts to inflict national anti-conversion laws to prevent anyone from practicing anything other than Hinduism.

The charity says about 63.9 million Christians are living in the vast South Asian state, and face persecution from the Hindu nationalist party BJP.

The study says: “Violence is at a very high level and is increasing.

“Churches were also closed and landlords pressured to stop renting premises to Christians.”

Research: 50 States where you CAN'T be a Christian in 2017

Open Doors has identified eight main ‘engines’ of persecution that describe why Christians are persecuted in a particular area or setting.

  • Islamic extremism – attempts to bring the country or the world under the ‘House of Islam’ through violent or non-violent actions
  • Religious nationalism – attempts to conquer the nation for one’s religion. Mainly Hinduism and Buddhism, but also Orthodox Judaism or other religions
  • Ethnic antagonism – attempts to force the continuing influence of age-old norms and values shaped in ‘tribal’ context. Often comes in the form of traditional religion or something similar
  • Denominational protectionism – attempts to maintain one’s Christian denomination as the only legitimate or dominant expression of Christianity in the country. In most cases this Christian denomination is the majority Christian denomination
  • Communist and post-Communist oppression – attempts to maintain Communism as a prescriptive ideology and/or controls the church through a system of registration and oversight that has come from Communism
  • Secular intolerance – attempts to eradicate religion from the public and private domain, and imposes an atheistic form of secularism as a new governing ideology
  • Organized corruption and crime – attempts to create a climate of impunity, anarchy and corruption as a means for self-enrichment
  • Dictatorial paranoia – does anything to maintain power; not specifically focused on realizing a vision.