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Responding to Pope Francis’ call: Churches in Europe make arrangements for food, shelter and other needs of refugees from Syria


Churches in Europe

Church leaders opening doors for the Syrian refugees after Pope Francis urged every perish to house one family of refugees.

According to media reports, Church leaders across Europe jostled to arrange housing, food and various other basic necessities to provide lodgings to the refugees coming in from Syria. This noticeable hustle of charity took place soon after Pope Francis urged every perish in Europe on Sunday to follow the Vatican’s lead and take in refugee families.

Even when Europe struggles with its worst refugee crisis since World War II, Catholic Church can play an instrumental role in coping with the crisis, and help settle the influx of refugees pouting into the continent.

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Among these refugees are Syrians, Africans, Afghanis and others from various countries of Middle East. According to an estimate thus far, 300,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Europe this year. If in case of Pope Francis’ call is met with nod by over 122,00 parishes in Europe, hundreds of thousands of people, could find shelter.

Pope Francis had said, “May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary in Europe host a family, starting with my diocese of Rome.”Pope Francis had made this appeal amidst Europe’s struggle to be able to do justice with the refugee crisis.