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Restoration of minorities’ rights is inevitable says Julius Salik


Pakistan’s renowned Christians political leader Julius Salik during a press conference has called for restoration of the rights of minorities. While addressing the audience at the Daska Civil Press Club in Daska, Julius Salik urged for equal rights for the Non-Muslim citizens of Pakistan. At the same time he pointed fingers at the second-rate living conditions of the Christians, claiming that in some places predominantly Christian neighborhoods lack basic civic facilities.

Christians in Daska

During the press conference Julius Salik, former Federal Minister and Convener of World Minorities Alliance and Organizer of Awami Masiha Party told the audience that the government has shown reluctance in implementing the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the religious minorities in the country.

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He went on to censure the government by saying that on August 5, 2015 the Supreme Court of Pakistan had directed the government to put in effect the same electoral procedures for the minorities as that for Muslim candidates. He said that he has been able to procure the Apex Court’s decision after a tiresome legal struggle of thirteen years.

He went on to brief the attendees that a full bench of the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the minorities. Supreme Court had directed the government to use the election procedure for the minorities instead of the “section procedure” currently in effect.

Julius Salik further complained that because of this “selection procedure,” minorities are being treated as second-class citizens of the country. They are being deprived of their fundamental and constitutional rights, he said. “Discrimination against the religious minorities must be stopped,” he asserted. He raised serious concerns regarding the reluctance of the government in this regard.

Today it has been more than a year, since the Apex Court had passed the historic ruling and yet no action has been taken in this regard,” an official press release from Julius Salik stated. He said that this issue has not been raised in the Parliament thus far.

Furthermore, he pointed out to the fact that minorities are being treated inhumanely, He said that the rights of Christian sanitary workers have been trampled upon by the concerned authorities. All the allowances due were annulled by the concerned authorities. This was a great injustice done to the poor and sidelined sanitary workers.

“Kachi abadis predominantly inhabited by Christians lack basic civic facilities, residents of these kachi abadis are deprived of facilities such as water, gas and electricity,” he complained.