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Restoring Hope in Yemen Through Evangelism


Saudi Arabia has announced the end of “Operation Decisive Storm” in Yemen after four weeks of air-raids. The Saudis have now declared a shift of focus on “Operation Renewal of Hope” – an initiative aimed at bringing peace to the region by political means.
yemeni christians
War-torn Yemen saw a drastic change of events in august last year when Houthi rebels advanced south from their northern stronghold, seeking a greater political voice and, ultimately, power. The escalation has displaced 150,000 people, adding to the existing humanitarian needs of 15.9 million Yemenis.

Announcing the end of the operation on Yemen, Saudi coalition spokesman Ahmed a-Assiri said that the Houthi rebels have lost significant part of their capabilities and will no longer pose a threat to Yemen and neighboring countries.

As reported by OpenDoors USA, life for an ordinary Yemeni Christian has come to a stand still. There is heightened fear and uncertainty surrounding the locals. Despite everything, Christians in the region continue to share the Word of God, boldly. They have a strong belief that it is a source of hope for them in times of turmoil. Christians are meeting for mutual encouragement, as well as reaching out to the surrounding communities

The question that still remains unanswered is that will this now lead to peace talks? Or will the Saudi coalition make Houthi rebels a part of the talks?