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Rev Franklin Graham urges the Church not to turn a blind eye to persecution of Nigerian Christians


Renowned evangelist Franklin Graham has called on the Church not to ignore the plight of the Nigerian Christians who are suffering for the sake of their religion. Reverend Franklin Graham has called upon the Church not to turn a deaf ear to the persecution of Nigerian Christians. In a social media post he made a passionate plea for the persecuted Nigerian Christians.

Christians persecuted in Nigeria

“Christians in Nigeria are being brutally slaughtered, and they feel like the rest of the world is turning a deaf ear to their cries,” Reverend Graham wrote in a Facebook post. 66-year-old world’s renowned evangelist urged the Church to pay heed to the cries of the persecuted Christians in Nigeria. His plea comes amidst ever escalating violence against Christians in Nigeria.

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“Rev. Adamu Wurim Gyang and three of his children were set on fire and burned beyond recognition, his wife, Jummai, only 45 years old, was shot and left to die in a pool of blood. Their one remaining son living away from home at college read about the attack on Facebook and went home, devastated to find his family dead,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

He was referring to a recent incident when a Nigerian pastor, his wife and three children were burned alive in their house. This attack unfolded in Barkin Ladi. Armed attackers opened indiscriminate fire on the villagers, during the attack, the victim family had taken refuge in their home; however, the attackers set their home on fire burning them alive. Nigerian newspaper confirmed that the attackers also burnt a church.

Christian persecution in Nigeria has escalated sharply this year, as 6000 Christians have been killed since January until now. For this reason the United Nations has also been urged to take serious action in order to stop the massacre of Nigerian Christians.

On August 13, the European Centre for Law and Justice reportedly filed an official letter requesting the UN to “recognize and put an end to the atrocities being carried about against Christians in Nigeria.” The letter warned that: “Nigeria has become home to radical groups that seek to eliminate Christianity from the country.”