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Pastor Dr. Hezkiel Sarosh laid to rest: Thousands flocked to attend his funeral service


Rev. Hezkiel Sarosh

Pastor Dr. Hezkiel Sarosh, laid to rest amid tears and mourning. Thousands of Christians including pastors and leaders from all over the country attended his funeral.

According to details, funeral of Dr. Hezkiel Sarosh was held yesterday November 11, 2015 in Lahore. The funeral service was held at the Saint Mary Magdalene Church at 2:00 pm. Thousands of Christians from across the country had gathered to attend the funeral service of country’s one of the greatest Christian scholars of all times. Dr. Hezkiel has left four sons and two daughters mourning. His wife passed away in 2011.

After the funeral service in the church, Dr. Hezkiel Sarosh was laid to rest in Lahore’s Gora Kabristan on Jail Road. This funeral was attended by hundreds of pastors, priests from various denominations and prominent leaders of the Pakistani Christian community. Those who attended his last services include, Bishop Samuel Azaryah, Pastor Anwar Fazal, Pastor Liaquat Qaiser, Nasir Jameel, Naeem Pasras, Pastor Saleem Anayat, MNA Ms. Asiya Nasir, Hallelujah the Band and various others.

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Dr. Hezkiel Sarosh met with a fatal accident around 2:00 am on Sunday, November 8, as he was travelling from Faisalabad to Lahore along with three others including driver Muneer, Pastor Yousaf Nawaz and Mr. Sharoon Daniel. Their car was hit by another car on the motorway. He was coming back after attending a convention in Faisalabad. Dr. Hezkiel died on the spot however, the other three sustained minor injuries and are now fine.

Dr. Hezkiel was born on April 3, 1947 in Lahore. He was the first Christian who graduated in Music from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. He entered the Full Gospel Assembly of God’s Bible College in Lahore. After entering the Bible College, he went on to join the pastoral team of FGAG in Pakistan. Later on, he acquired a degree in Biblical theology from Gujranwala Seminary. He studied a bachelors in Theology and later on a Doctorate in Divinity under the head ship of renowned Christian scholar Dr. K.L. Nasir.