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Rights Activists in Faisalabad Demand Implementation of Minority Rights Judgment


Human rights activists in Faislabad stressed in a press conference that the government must implement last years land mark judgment by the apex court.

The judgment had drawn out a strategy for protection of minorities and called out to the All Parties Conference to assess how vulnerable minorities were. The press conference was called “Measures to Protect Minority Rights.” It was hosted by the Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation.

The judgment given by the Supreme court became one year old on June19 2015, and there has been no implementation of it so far. That is why human rights activists in Faislabad staged a press conference to stress upon its implementation.

Supreme Court Judgment to protect minority rights (dated 19 June 2014)

“The former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Tassadduq Hussain Jillani, delivered on 19th June 2014, issued a judgment directing the government to take measures for protection of minority rights which include; establishing national council to safeguard and protect minority rights; constituting task force to develop strategy of religious tolerance; setting up special police force to protect minority settlements and worship places from mob attacks; registering cases against desecrators of worship places; developing unbiased curriculum promoting religious tolerance; curbing hate speech; and enforcing 5% minority job quota. The judgment also bounds a bench of Supreme Court to continuously pursue the implementation of the judgment and entertain complaints/petitions related to violation of minority rights.”