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Rimsha Released On Bail, Can’t Send Her Abroad Dr. Paul Bhatti


Minister In charge for National Harmony, Dr Paul Bhatti said that Rimsha Masih will not be sent to abroad. We do not want to abolish the law; we just want to stop the fake use of Blasphemy law against the violence and deaths of innocents.

Ministry for National Harmony and ministry of internal Affairs will give full protection to Rimsha Masih and her family. Due to this historic decision of court judiciary is appreciated a lot in all over Pakistan and this also clearly indicates that everyone is equal before law. Rimsha Masih case was a fake case based on propaganda. Few people use the blasphemy law as a tool for their own benifit and they trapped small innocent girl Rimsha Masih.

Christians could never even think of the blasphemy. They just want that the people who responsible for this act should be brought before law. The role of Pakistani religious scholars is appreciable in the Rimsha Masih case. He said this on Friday when he was addressing to a press conference along with the leaders of All Pakistan Christian Community. Dr Paul Bhatti said that, “Judiciary and media played positive role in Rimsha’s case for uphold of justice and supporting supremacy of rule of law in the country. “The religious scholars, investigation teams, media and Judiciary deserve appreciation for their positive role that promoted soft image of the country”.

We wish that the affected family get justice. Our judiciary has clearly shown through its decision that justice is available to every Pakistani citizen and every individual is equal before law. Due to this decision justice spread all over the country and is being respected. Ministry for National Harmony and All Pakistan Christian Community is constantly having an eye on this case, as all institution including police is doing their work efficiently so there is no need to come over media.

Dr Paul Bhatti replied to an answer that sending Rimsha and her family abroad are all just rumors. All the family would get proper security by interior ministry. Rimsha Masih is a Pakistani citizen, so if she is getting justice and proper security then there is no need to send Rimsha and her family abroad. These all are fake issues and rumors that interior ministry and judiciary are delaying the case I condemn all this because the case is properly dealt and justice is provided to the Rimsha’s family.

In response to another question DR Paul Bhatti answered that for Rimsha’s case neither any funds are asked nor any fundraising is done. Instead All Pakistan Christian Community and some important people of Pakistan suffer all the fees of lawyers ,deal with the other expenses of the case and All Pakistan Minorities alliance suffer the expenses of bail process. Dr Paul Bhatti gave a reception two days back in which more than thirty ambassadors of countries and important religious leaders took part. The Muslim Scholars clearly stated that they will never be in the favor of extremist group and will be on the side of the affected family.

On the questions raised by several NGOs Dr Paul Bhatti replied that no one is allowed to raise funds on the name of poor’s and if anyone or any organization is found doing this severe actions would be taken against them by Ministry for National Harmony . He further said that Ministry of Minorities Affairs has been shifted to provinces and the main aim of Ministry for National Harmony is promotion of peace and harmony among all the religion and we are working on it.
Reported by : Paul Masih