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Road accident squall: FIR registered against mobsters who attacked Christians in Faisalabad neighborhood


Police complaint registered against gang of influential men who had attacked Christians of Khushal Town a neighborhood of Faisalabad. Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs Khalil Tahir Sindhu took notice of the incident, and under his auspices an FIR was registered against the perpetrators.

Christians beaten by a mob in Faisalabad

On August 19, Friday a Christian resident of Khushal Town Adnan Masih accidentally hit brother-in-law of Umar Hayat with his motorcycle, which brewed up in a quarrel which was settled as a result of the intervention of the people present at the scene. About half an hour the influential men along with accomplices attacked Adnan Masih’s house situated in Khushal Town.

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In compliance with an application to the S.H.O. which was submitted by Pervaiz Masih, Christian resident of Khushal Town; On August 19 around 5 ‘o clock in the evening, five men namely Umar Hayat, Muzamil, Khizar, Pervaiz along with ten others initiated an onslaught at the houses of Christians. These men armed with iron and wooden rods, broke into the house of Christians in street number 4 and 3 of the neighborhood, and forced Christians out of their houses and bashed them.

Consequently, local Christians started fleeing nonetheless, three of them were not able to break free and were beaten severely by the assailants, as they sustained critical injuries. The three wounded have been identified as Mizrob Nadir Shan son of Emmanuel Masih, Shamshir Masih son of Emmanuel Masih, Emmanuel Masih son of Nazir Masih.