Rohingya boat capsizes off Bangladesh, 14 die including 10 children


14 die as a boat carrying Rohingyas capsizes off Bangladesh. The incident unfolded on Thursday, September 28 when the boat carrying the fleers overturned. Those dead include at least 10 children and 4 women.

Refugees in Bangladesh

Media reports detailed accounts of the survivors and the eye-witnesses telling the ill-fated boat capsized few yards away from the coast. Survivors revealed that the boat capsized after it hit an object submerged off coast. The object, they said was washed ashore along with the dead bodies.

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One of the eye witnesses Muhammad Sohel detailed: “They drowned before our eyes. Minutes later, the waves washed the bodies to the beach.” Another survivor who had lost his wife and a child in the tragedy said that he left for Bangladesh from a coastal village in Myanmar.

“The boat hit something underground as it came close to the beach. Then it overturned,” he detailed. Another survivor told media that her parents and children were also on the boat but were missing. Police confirmed that thus far 14 dead bodies had been washed ashore but there are fears that the death toll may rise.

United Nations states more than half a million Rohingya refugees have arrived into Bangladesh since August 25. Ongoing violence was prompted after Rohingya militants attacked security posts.

Consequently, Myanmar military launched an offensive against Rohingyas. UN also said that the refugees’ influx has slowed downed nonetheless; the refugees’ figure has reached 501,800 which was previously around 480,000.