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Role of Christian community in social development of Pakistan


We are all aware of how much the Christian community has done for Pakistan. It has built up schools, for example, such as our – the St Joseph’s Convent — all over the nation. Doctor’s facilities, Hospitals, orphanages, trust funds, even entire villages were founded by the Christians as early as the late nineteenth century in Pakistan.

Role of Christian community in social development of Pakistan

The Church of England established the Karachi Grammar School in 1847. Thomas French, the first bishop of Lahore, established the Agra College in 1853. After three years, The Convent of Jesus and Mary was established in Sialkot.

In 1861 the St. Patrick’s High School and in 1862 the St. Joseph’s Convent School were built up. These were the first of many schools and colleges established by the Christians missionary, who, for the last 70 years have been educating people all over Pakistan. Their students, have thusly, grown up to education others and spread their teaching. These missionary schools have formed lives, and that thus have molded our nation’s history and its future.

Women’s empowerment in Pakistan is a goal that the Christian community has helped us work towards. Girl’s schools have been set up all over Pakistan, and in 1965 the Daughters of the Cross set up a Home Economics School in Sialkot. In 1852, a medicinal mission was begun to advance girls education and health in Pakistan.

Many other medical missions were launched, for example, Dr Jack Anderson’s mobile hospital in 1960 and also make-shift dispensaries. He moved each three to five years to far-flung regions of Hyderabad and interior Sindh, where medical facilities were rudimentary at best. The Holy Family Hospital was set up in 1928, and later changed over into a Nursing School to help and spread medical education in Pakistan. The St Theresa Nursing Home was built up. Belgian attendants went by Christian healing facilities in Pakistan to help treat patients, and train doctors and nurses.

The Christians first established orphanages in Lahore in 1892 and ’93. In 1897 they set up a school for vagrants in Rawalpindi. Since then, they have established countless orphanages all over Pakistan,, and enhanced lives. Towards the finish of the nineteenth century orphans in Rawalpindi were moved to Yusufpur. In two years alone, 118 orphans were moved, accommodated and educated. In 1904, a whole town, called Francisabad was established to house famine-stricken orphans.

The Christians have additionally created housing and educational trusts, providence homes, and numerous Non-governmental organizations. Their welfare organization incorporates the Dar-ul-Sukun, a home for kids with mental and physical disabilities. Marie Adelaide’s leprosy centre, and the Ida Rieu School for the blind, deaf and dumb, in Karachi

As a minority, the Christians make up just roughly 1.6% of Pakistan’s population, but then, they have done as such much for the country. At SJC, we’ve all witnessed first-handed that how much time and effort of nuns dedicate to education and social welfare.

The Christians be perceived as Pakistani, and as equal citizens to the Muslims. Despite the fact that they might be a religious minority in Pakistan, the Christians are an integral part of Pakistan and their contributions explain their love for Pakistan, and their devotion towards nation. Regardless of whether Christian or Muslim, we are generally Pakistani. Our fates are melded by this land.

We must strive, as the Christian community has done for almost two centuries, to spread education, awareness, health and love. Thank you.