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Role Of Christian NGO’s And Churches In Persecution Incidents In Pakistan


GOJRA: Christian NGO’S and local Churches silent over recent episodes of blasphemy allegations against a Christian couple and a young man.


Role of Christian NGO'S and Churches in Pakistan
Role of Christian NGO’S and Churches in Pakistan

Christian NGOs and Churches are playing the typical role during the past few weeks. However, it has been realized that some of the NGO workers still seem to have been struggling to create interest in this case. Yet as noticed when the Badami Bagh arson took place, Human rights activists pursuing the case for Sawan Masih, a well-known activist even paid a handsome amount of money to get pictures with Sawan Masih and his family. Nonetheless, this has become norm of majority of Christian NGOs in such cases as an alternative of cooperate with each other to facilitate the persecuted Christians in Pakistan.


An international news agency monitoring the incidents of persecution in Pakistan claims that,” instead of doing something, the Church is again silent. Protestant, and Evangelical Bishops receive billions of dollars from their sister churches and Christian organizations, but they spend those funds for their self-promotions and luxurious lifestyles. Pakistani Bishops have luxury homes in the U.K., France, the U.S., and Denmark, whereas the communities for whom these donations are received are living in the slum areas. Even non-profit organizations – NGOs funded for charitable programs – spend millions of rupees for their personal promotions and for luxuries rather than doing something for the victims.”

The news agency further claims,” We felt the need to write something about the role of the cruelties of one greedy, religious leader in particular, but for some reason, our team working on the ground stopped us from doing so at this stage. We will soon uncover the story behind the closed doors and how the leaders play with such persecuted victims.”


The news agency states that,” Our team is defending the persecuted couple and has already given shelter to the four children and their grandfather, Emmanuel Masih. We hope that soon we will be able to get justice for this persecuted couple. We request you again please keep the couple and their children in your prayers.”


While a local Pastor says, “this silence is because of ever present threats from extremist. Local Pastors and Church authorities resort to prayers while keenly observing the scenario.”