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Roydon D’Mello: A visionary behind the lens


Roydon D'mello

Roydon D’mello was born on 2nd October 1985 in Karachi. Later on, his family moved to Sharjah, UAE, where he received much of his early education. However, afterwards, his family returned to Karachi, Pakistan in 2000.

Roydon completed his O’levels from St. Pauls English High School and A’levels from St. Patricks high school in Karachi. He went on to study Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) and additionally Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from CBM and specialized in Marketing.

“Creativity has been the cornerstone of my existence, whether it is sports, music, writing or photography,” he declares while reflecting on his initial stages in the field.

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His glistering career initiated with a “basic point and shoot camera,” he told. “I developed my eye for photography by covering events and shoots voluntarily and asking loads of questions from my seniors,” he continued.

Roydon was in the second year of Bachelors, when he felt an urge to take his photography to an advanced level, therefore, he managed to lay hands on a professional camera.

For the sake of buying a professional camera, he toiled day and night. Roydon being propelled by an acute passion for photography studied during the day and taught tuitions afterwards with an intention to accumulate money to buy his first professional camera.

Once he bought his first professional camera, he yearned for any formal training in photography. “I practiced and taught myself the basics,” adding,” My inspirations in landscape outlook originated from Danial Shah while Fayyaz Ahmed had great influence on me regarding the fashion sphere,” he says.

In due course, Roydon came under the mentorship of a senior photographer Mark Samuel, both later on teamed to form ShutterBugs Photography in 2010. ShutterBugs Photography was the first Photojournalistic brand unbolted by any Christian of Pakistan.

As he pursues, a prolific career, he urges the youngsters saying, “I tell most youngsters seeking mentoring that there is no greater blessing than making your passion your profession.”

Roydon states, initially, he was well aware of the fact that industry is inundated by several talented and renowned photographers and that there was serious risk involved, “I always knew I would regret not doing photography professionally simply because of the passion I feel for the art,” he said.

Thus far, Roydon has been official photographer for Fuzon, as he covered all their events. “Special thanks to Shallum Xavier for believing in me,” he says. His mastery was not confined to stills but went on to express great creativity by shooting videos. “My debut video was “Chor De” sung by the very talented Simien Xavier, whom I thank for believing in me,” he said.

His upcoming projects include, a video for an emerging artist Shabbir being shot under the banner of PointOnethree productions. “On the corporate front I have worked with companies like TRG, DHL, IOBM and Berlitz amongst the many,” he revealed.

He has some videos lined up in store for USAID over and above some music videos for Simien Xavier and various other bands. “I also plan to work on socially geared up projects which will in turn provide a positive image of our community and nation as a whole,” he said.

“I would like to thank my parents and sister for the constant support along with my friends who cheered on for me in the toughest of times Simien Xavier, Eshban Fazal and Mukhtar Ali. Also Shallum Xavier and Fuzon for the giving me several learning opportunities as I worked with them,” he added.

“We tend to forget to be thankful, its best to remember that talent is God given and we need to be humble while fame is man given and we need to be thankful,” Roydon concluded.