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Russell Owen D’souza – a seasoned guitarist of the music industry


Russell Owen D'souza

Russell Owen Dsouza, is a talented musician who was born on February 28, in Karachi. Russell Owen who plays with Shafqat Amanat Ali who is one of Pakistan’s top-notch singers has emerged as radiant musician.

“Music is divine, but sorry to say it’s a singer’s world more than a musician’s…..otherwise every ting is good,” he said.

Russell had an inclination for music since early years; he went to Saint Patrick’s Technical high school Karachi. “It was from childhood that I was found of listening to music, as my father used to hear good music,” he said adding, “But he was not a musician.”

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He had music running in his blood as his family had profound interest in music. Two of his uncles were renowned musicians of their time. “I just loved to play the guitars, however, I started music by learning to play drums initially.”

He has been performing since his school days; his first stage performance was back in his school days. “I started performing at small school plays, then slowly and gradually when I excelled in playing guitar and my skills polished, I started playing in the local hotels when the music scene was good.”

I was sucked into the music industry rather then actually sneaking in through a planned entry, he explained. “With the passage of time, I had a regular audience following who heard me playing guitar. And so I was rather like sucked into this music industry.”

Over the years, Russell has managed to surface as a seasoned guitar player. He played with some of the superlative artistes of Pakistan including Hadiqa Kayani, Strings and Fuzion. He played guitar for Mizmaar, as a band member formerly. Russell is currently, playing guitar with Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.

However, Russell has to work for another job all day long, as musicians are not treated and paid as well as singers are. “If you want to take up music as a profession go all the way in its ups and down and you will be some thing,” he said while advising the youngsters who are striving to become guitar players.