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Russia: ISIS plan to target public transport in Moscow foiled



An ISIS plan of attack on transport in Moscow foiled by the police.

According to details, the Russian police have thwarted a stratagem by terror group Islamic State (ISIS) which was to bomb the public transport in Moscow. This attack plot was designed in retaliation to the aerial bombardment carried out by the Russian jets targeting the jihadi group.

The Russian police conducted raid on an apartment in Moscow- the Russian capital on Sunday October 11 and took custody of a home-made bomb package which included 11 pounds of devastating explosives. The terrorists were planning to detonate this explosive in the crowded buses and trains.

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This raid and further action was confirmed by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSS) which stated that the detectives have arrested 15 suspects who are linked with the plan, some of these suspects were trained at ISIS camps in Syria. Moreover, some of them had already confessed to plot and they admitted before the authorities that they had planned to bomb the public transport.

A spokesman for the FSS said: “There was a set address in Moscow where between six and 11 people periodically stayed, some of whom participated in Isis military training camps in Syria. They arrived back in Russia long before the start of Russia’s military operation in Syria.” He added that during the interrogation of two detainees, it “quickly became apparent that they planned to carry out a terrorist attack on public transport in Moscow”.

It has been reported that the bomb prepared by the terrorists for this plot was nearly the same size as the one used by ISIS fighters in a recent attack on a peace rally in Ankara, Turkey. As a result of this attack, more than 100 people who were attending the peace rally were killed.

On the other hand, Russian jets keep pounding ISIS in Syria as so far more than 100 ISIS outposts have been devastated as a result of the Russian air campaign in the past few weeks. Russian President Viladamir Putin intends to support the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

However, just recently, it has been reported that the Syrian regime has begun to recapture territory back from the jihadist groups including temperate opposition groups like the Syrian Free Army.