Rwadari Tehreek calls for tolerance and peace during Muharram


Rwadari Tehreek (RT) has called for tolerance and peace during the month of Muharram. The group is also running campaigns in order to create a sense of tolerance and forbearance among the masses. Bearing in mind that month of Muharram is marred by sectarian violence. Thousands have lost their lives as a result of the sectarian strife and violence.

Muharram 2017 in Pakistan

“Rwadari Tehreek since its beginning have been advocating for sectarian harmony during the month of Muharram and have been pushing the government for appropriate actions including stern action against those who spread hatred on the basis of sect,” the statement said urging the government to take action against elements fanning sectarian violence.

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With an intention to curb violence, Rwadari Tehreek has started social media campaign as well. In this regard, the campaign was initiated a month before Muharram, using social media in order to create and enhance the sense of sectarian harmony. in a statement sent to CIP, Rwadari Tehreek detailed: “Different slogans and messages were designed which appealed people to discourage hate speech and asking the government for action against the groups who spread hatred through loudspeakers and other sources.”

Samson Salamat, Chairman of Rwadari Tehreek told CIP that he and his group have been calling for peace during Muharram since years. Speaking about the Rwadari Tehreek Campaign for peace during Mohram Chairman Rwadari Tehreek, Samason Salamat said: “We have been doing this to enhance sense of acceptance among the people of different sects, asking them to respect each other’s faith and reject hate speech and extremist thoughts which has led to the loss of the lives of thousands innocent human beings in the name of sect since 1980s.”

“This campaign also calls upon the government and other stake-holders to be more vigilant and conscious about the security measures and for action against the elements that facilitate to trigger violence during Muharram through their hate speech,” he urged the government.