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Sahiwal: Christian attorney facilitating a Christian respondent threatened by a politician


A Christian advocate Javed Sahotra faces life threatening situation, following his legal assistance to a Christian boy who had been in a relationship with a Muslim woman. Advocate Javed Sahotra who represents the Christian boy in court, was threatened in the presence of President and Vice President of District Bar Association Sahiwal.

Christian persecution in Pakistan

In compliance with details, a Christian boy Zain Amar resident of Chak 377-EB, Burewala, in Punjab province was allegedly in a relationship with a Muslim woman Shireen (her real name withheld) who hails from Sindh. The girl had eloped several times and reached Zain’s house, wanting to marry him-however, every time her family pressurized the meager Christian family to return the girl.

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The girl’s family had sought help from a lawmaker who exerts unrestrained pressure on the Christian family and legal counsel in order to procure return of the girl who had approached Zain’s house out of her free will. Following threats from the lawmaker; Zain’s family sent the girl back to her house.

On August 6, Shireen purportedly left her house and reached Burewala, insisting that she wanted to marry him. Zain was suggested to convert, in order to get saved from religion based persecution. A legal pursuit was taken by her family in order to get her back, where Zain’s legal counsel Javaid Sahotra was threatened of dire consequences by the lawmaker.

During a case hearing on August 13, the lawmaker along with about 20 men stormed into the office of President of District Bar Association Sahiwal Advocate Masood Sadiq Tulla, where Advocate Javaid was also present. The lawmaker and his accomplices hurled death threats at Zain’s counsel asserting that the Christian family would face the consequences of not returning the girl.

Advocate Javaid Sahotra and Christian community of Chak number 377-EB have been threatened by the lawmaker and his co-conspirators. Furthermore, the lawmaker also warned that if the girl was not returned masses from the neighboring villages would launch an attack on the Christian community of Chak 377-EB.