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Samundari: Armed assailants inflict excruciating torment upon an exiguous Christian family


A meager Christian family has been heinously targeted by armed assailants who broke into their home and executed unrelenting torture. In keeping with details four men brandishing their weapons stormed into Frayad Masih’s house. The incident has left the victimized family severely wounded and in deep trauma.

Christian persecution in Pakistan

The incident took place within the jurisdiction of Saddar Police Station in Samundari. Four men namely Khaleel Sajjad Pasran, Manzoor Ahmad, Waheed, Juniad Pasran Habib residents of Chak 475/GB purportedly bashed the family of Frayad Masih resident of Chak 475/GB.

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The assailants broke into Frayad Masih’s house and subjected entire family to heinous torture as a result of which the victims were left severely injured. Moreover, a female family member 45-year-old, Rubina Bibi sustained a fracture. President of Pakistan Minorities’ Alliance District Samundari, Irfan Akhtar strongly condemned the incident while calling for justice for the victimized family. “We wont remain silent over the deliberate targeting of minorities,” he stated.

“For years, the Pakistani government has failed to protect citizens, minority and majority alike, from sectarian and religiously-motivated violence,” states United States Commission for International Religious Freedom in its annual report.