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Sanitary workers murder: Christians were not the only targets intelligence agency claims


Investigating into the murder of Christian sanitary workers, an intelligence agency claims that the incident was not religion based violence but a case of professional envy. The agency clarified that local contractors had conspired in order to impede working of a foreign company providing sanitary services.

Christian sanitary workers killed in Rawalpindi

It was stated by an official of the intelligence agency that the assassins did not target Christian sanitary workers because of their faith but were assigned the task only to terrorize the sanitary workers of the foreign company. Local contractors were unhappy because solid waste management contract was awarded to Albayrak, a Turkish sanitation company.

The official told local media that: “Christians were not the only target of the assailants rather their prime target was the foreign solid waste management company Albayrak whom they want to oust from Pakistan to grab the multi-billion cleanliness contract with the provincial government.”

The official said that the twin attacks on sanitary workers were basically intended to disrupt the agreements between Punjab government and the Turkish company. “A comprehensive report in this regard has been sent to the Punjab government seeking necessary security measures for the sanitary workers and to nab the killers involved in the attacks,” he stated. It was revealed that the assailants were from other provinces who escaped to their hideouts as soon as they carried out their heinous plan.

Talking to the local media, Akram Masih brother of deceased Karamat Masih and Asif Maish father of deceased Ashir Masih whined that the police were twisting the real facts in this case. “We are noble and peaceful people and have no enmity with anyone,” they alleged.

They claimed that they had not been compensated by the government or Albayrak Company. They called upon Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister of Punjab and police officials to conduct fair investigations in this case.

Last month, a Christian sanitary worker Karamat Masih was gunned down by masked men, another Christian worker Sagheer Masih was injured. 40-year-old Karamat and 38-year-old Sagheer were performing their daily duty on Data Ganj Bakhsh Road in Sadiaqabad area of Rawalpindi when two men riding a motorbike opened fire at them. Karamat Masih died on the spot while Sagheer was rushed to Benazir Bhutto Hospital where he received medical treatment.