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Sarai Alamgir fracas: Absconded Christian incriminated as blasphemer arrested from Lahore


Christian fallaciously accused f committing blasphemy hooked by the police in Lahore. 26-year-old, Nadeem James who had fled from Sarai Alamgir, after being nominated in an FIR invoking notorious 295-C and 298-A. The complainant Yasir Bashir had maintained that Nadeem had sent him a blasphemous messages.

Christian accused of fabricated blasphemy charges

The FIR No301/16, was filed on Sunday July 10, at the City Division Police station of Sarai Alamgir. Soon after the FIR was registered, Nadeem James fled, followed by a police raid at his house. In his absence, the police detained his two sisters, Samreen her 18-month old baby and Najma. Another Christian man namely Amir James from Jehlum was also hooked in regard to this case.

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Police raid at Nadeem James’ house in Yaqoob Colony, in Sarai Alamgir, generated a wave of terror as Christian residents from Father’s Colony started fleeing from their houses as well anticipating looming mob-violence. Christian activist Shahzad Khalid reported that in a short time, all the Christian fled from Father’ Colony, followed by raid of adherents of a religious outfit Ahle Sunnat Wah Jamaat led by Maulvi Shafiq.

Followed by vigilant investigations, Shahzad Khalid was able to size up that Nadeem was being embroiled in a fabricated blasphemy case. “Nadeem did not commit any crime. He is facing this situation because he married a woman from a Muslim family,” Shahzad Khalid disclosed.

During his investigative reporting, he discovered that some time ago the Nadeem had married a Muslim girl, who later converted to Christianity. Her conversion landed Nadeem, the pastor who had baptized her in deep waters. The pastor had to flee fearing for his life, he explained. Shahzad asserted that Amir James brother of the pastor, is detained in the same context.