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Sarai Alamgir ruckus: Blasphemy accusations ill-willed revenge, since the accused married a Muslim girl


Blasphemy feud causing much vexation for the Christian residents of Father’ Colony, following illegal detention of two Christian women and an 18 months old baby. The two Christian women hooked are sisters of Nadeem James, who is the accused of committing blasphemy by sending blasphemous text messages to Yasir Bashir the complainant in this case. The FIR was lodged in the city Division Police station of Sarai Alamgir.

Sarai Alamgir blasphemy feud

While disclosing the details, Shahzad Khalid a Christian activist who heads Muttahida Masihi Party, revealed that the police was reluctant to provide him a copy of the FIR. He said that as he had scrutinized the matter, he found that Nadeem was embroiled in a fabricated case owing to the fact that the complainant Yasir harbored a grudge against him.

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Nadeem James has gone hiding while in his absence the police detained his two sisters. The FIR registered on Sunday, July 10, invoked blasphemy law, as the complainant claimed that Nadeem had sent him blasphemous messages. “Nadeem did not commit any crime. He is facing this situation because he married a woman from a Muslim family,” Shahzad Khalid revealed.

What is more, Shahzad revealed that some time ago the accused Nadeem had married a Muslim girl, who converted to Christianity. The pastor who had baptized her has also fled earing for his life, he explained. Shahzad asserts that the police has illegally detained Amir James brother of the pastor.

He believes that the police has hooked Nadeem’ two sisters Samreen and Najma in order to pressurize him to surrender himself. Soon after the FIR was filed, a police team raided Nadeem’ house and arrested both sisters. On the other hand, police claims that the Christian women are in protective custody. Samreen’ 18-year-old baby Alisha was also detained along with his mother.