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Sargodha: A 24-year-old Christian accused of blasphemy by a policeman



A 24-year-old Christian hooked by the police after he was accused of committing blasphemy.

According to details, 24-year-old, Christian Naveed John has been accused of blasphemy after a Muslim accused him of uttering derogatory words about the Islamic holy book Quran. In keeping with details, Naveed John was praying for several people in a private gathering at his house in Sargodha, a city of Punjab province of Pakistan.

Within the gathering was a Muslim policeman who had disguised himself and asked Naveed to pray for him also. It was when Naveed was praying that the Muslim policeman alleges that he committed blasphemy. This is not the first time that a Muslim asked him for prayer. It has been a routine that Muslims went to his house and asked him to pray for them.

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However, at that particular occasion, Naveed was praying for a man when this Muslim policeman approached him and requested him to pray for him also. As per the conventional style of the Pentecostal denomination; Naveed started praying for the policeman as well.

After Naveed was accused of blasphemy, he was arrested while at the same time his family is fearful of a possible attack from the Muslim community in their neighbourhood. In this regard, a Pakistani Christian lawyer Mushtaq Gill remarked, “The blasphemy law in Pakistan is promoting a climate of intolerance, generating a wide range of violations of human rights including the rights to freedom of expression and religion.”

Moreover, family of Naveed John is facing threats from the annoyed Muslim neighbourhood. Cases of this kind have become a custom as per existing wave of persecution of Christian in Pakistan. There has been a sharp increase in anti-Christian violenece which mostly finds vent in the form of blasphemy accusations against Christians followed by mob attacks.