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Saudi Arabia deports Lebanese Christians found with bibles in their homes


Saudi Arabia deports 27 Christians hailing from Lebanon, who have were hooked by the Saudi religious police, after being found with Bibles in their homes. Moreover, the police accused them to have been praying during the Virgin Mary festival. Consequently, they were charged of crimes such as conducting non-Islamic prayers.

Saudi Arabia deports Christians found with bibles

These Christians were arrested from Al-Aziziyah neighborhood of Mecca, when the religious police carried out the raid against the Christians. Among those who are to deported from the Saudi Kingdom are said to be 27 in total including children as well.

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United States Commission for Religious Freedom in its annual report of 2016 states: “Despite some improvement in religious freedom, Saudi Arabia remains uniquely repressive in the extent to which it restricts the public expression of any religion other than Islam, and a number of high profile cases during the past year demonstrated the government’s continued disregard for freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief.

“The government privileges its own interpretation of Sunni Islam over all other interpretations and prohibits any non-Muslim public places of worship in the country. It continues to prosecute, imprison, and flog individuals for dissent, apostasy, blasphemy, and sorcery, and a 2014 law classifying blasphemy and advocating atheism as terrorism has been used to prosecute human rights defenders and others.”