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Saudi Arabia: More than 50 people executed in a single day, over alleged involvement in terrorism


Saudi Arab

More than 50 people beheaded in Saudi Arabia, over charges of alleged involvement in terrorism.

In line with details, Saudi Arabia had taken on the sordid chore of executing more than 50 people, who were found guilty of terrorism. All of them would be facing execution in a single day, shortly; this move was met with an enraged response from the Amnesty International, which said the Saudis are “using the guise of counter-terrorism to settle political scores.”

Saudi media had released the information regarding these executions. The Saudi media also revealed that there were about 55 Al-Qaida terrorists and other criminals who belonged to Awamiyya will be executed in next few days.

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Nonetheless, it has not been clarified yet from the authorities that when and how exactly the executions will take place. In 2011, the Saudi authorities stifled protests in Awamiya, a town in Eastern Province. Awamiya has mainly Shiite population. Media expressed suspicion that these executions were carried out on November 27, after Friday prayers.

According to a Saudi newspaper, Okaz; reported that the 55 people were accused of treason, attacking security officials along with attempting to overthrow the Saudi government. There are also charges of carrying out attacks using explosives and surface-to-surface air missiles against them. Okaz reported that those who are on death row, have been accused of killing more than 100 people along with murdering 71 security personnel.

Moreover, one of the people was accused of attempting to purchase nuclear material in Yemen which was worth 1.5 million US Dollars. This nuclear material was intended to be used inside Saudi Arabia, authorities alleged.