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Save The Christians Of Iraq: Stop ISIS!


COPENHAGEN: Protests are being staged around the globe against the IS who have expelled the Christians from Mosul- the second largest city of Iraq.


Protestors holding Cross and placard with "N"
Protestors holding Cross and placard with “N”

As the Christians of Mosul have been flushed out pf their city, which was nearly their home for nearly 2,000 years protests are increasing around the world against Islamic extremists IS. Several demonstrations against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have been held in England, Canada, Germany, France, Unites States, Sweden, Denmark and Australia since the mercenaries began expelling Christians of Mosul by giving them the following options: to convert or be killed.


They blew up a tomb believed to be the burial place of the Biblical prophet Jonah. IS have no doubt taken control of Iraq’s second-largest city, where Christianity dated back to 2,000 years.


At many occasions, the angry demonstrators displayed the Arabic letter “N” for “Nasrani,” which means Christian in Arabic. With slogans such as “Save the Christians of Iraq” and “Stop ISIS!” the protests have also attracted many Arab and Kurdish Sunni and Shia Muslims along side Yezidis, Faylis and other minorities showing solidarity with persecuted Christians.