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Save The Life Of Two Blogger Sisters


A Pakistani Christian family seeks refugee status amid despair and dashed hopes.


Pakistani family seeks refugee status in Sri Lanka
Pakistani family seeks refugee status in Sri Lanka


This distressed family at present remains cloaked and destitute in Sri Lanka as they beseech the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to grant them refugee status, since they believe they might be killed if they were sent back to Pakistan, CIP has learned.


Sadia Khan 29 year old told, “We need help, we are now seven months in hiding.”


Sadia along with her 11-year-old sister Amala, and their mother, accepted Christ several years ago while they were in Pakistan. In the course of time, Sadia Khan started writing a book on the subject of “terrorism,” in line with the undercover work she had carried out. The agonized family made off to Sri Lanka earlier this year sine they anticipated life threatening situation in Pakistan as Sadia was formally “accused of being a spy for India by the Pakistani government”


Nonetheless, their misery continued as in Sri Lanka, they remained in police custody for a month or so, the officials confiscated their passports along with other possessions. Later in April, they were released have been in hiding since then, fearing capital punishment if brought back to Pakistan.


“After seven months of exhausting hiding my mother left us and once again begged UNHCR to give us asylum. She came back empty handed to the empty house which we had left due to the fear of being caught. Now separated from our mother we live in a different location and everyday fear death. We are so helpless, I can’t explain. Can you imagine, two governments are after us,” Sadia Khan said.


Howbeit, the family hopes that,” UNHCR will finally take up their cause and help them find asylum,” save for to this point they say,” They haven’t received much hope that the international agency will take action.”


The doleful sisters have unveiled their suffering on the internet writing several blogs, eager to raise a national and international awareness for their cause; importantly to get the U.N.’s consideration. Incredibly a Google + community having over 250 members has also been created; under the title “Save the Life of Two Blogger Sisters.”


On the other hand, Sadia Khan has written to the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Chief of the Army Staff Ashfaq Pervez Kayani stating, “If we get arrested they will definitely kill us as they do not have any proof against us. They will not hold any trial against us, as UNHCR, human rights groups, including Amnesty International, know about these charges and will follow the trial. Sri Lankan authorities will secretly kill us as they cannot prove anything against us.”