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Sawan Masih withdraws petition for bail


LAHORE:  Sawan Masih subjected to blasphemy charges, draws back petition for bail.


Sawan Masih
Sawan Masih

During the course of time, Sawan Masih has withdrawn petition for an after arrest bail from the Sessions Court. The power of attorney was put forward by a panel of four lawyers from an NGO on behalf of Sawan Masih.

This panel which comprises of four lawyers was appointed by an NGO- Centre of Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) to appear before the court.


Bashir Sohtra has withdrawn the petition realizing that it was an inappropriate time for bail. “This is too early in the case to seek bail,” says Bashir Sohtra. He further expressed his fear that if Sawan was released now, he would be exposed to greater life threats. Therefore, keeping his security as a priority, he has withdrawn bail petition for the time being.


For the meantime, Sawan Masih in his bail plea had mentioned that a false case has been filed against him and that the police have booked him under false charges of blasphemy. The Judge dispensed copies of Sawan Masih case record and appointed 22nd of April for further case proceedings.


Prior to these events, Shahid Imran, the accuser, had submitted that he was conversing with his neighbor Muhammad Shafique, while the accused, Sawan Masih, drew near  and used offensive language against the Holy Prophet.  Imran said he cautioned Sawan Masih to discontinue but he continued his denunciation earlier than he fled.