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Say NO to castes (Zat) system in Pakistani Christians


Say no to Caste

Caste system is one of the great resistances in the development of Christians of Pakistan. We are already in minority and then we also subdivide ourselves in castes.

Why there are so many castes among Christians:

That is because majority of Christians were essentially Hindus that had been proselytized. The same holds true for the Muslims of India. It is also one of the chief arguments of Hindutva proponents that Indian Islam and Indian Christianity are actually much different from Islam and Christianity. They have a distinctive Hindu character. Along with it they have the Hindu ‘goods’ and ‘bads’ also. Caste is one such bad that they have carried from, what communists like to popularize as the Hindu religion when in fact it is a failing of the collective Hindu Nation.

Unfortunately, Castes (Zat) is part and parcel of Christian society of Pakistan. Most common castes among Christians of Pakistan are Bhatti, Gill, Matto, Sahotra etc. For Most Christians their Zat is very important and many of us proudly use it as surname too. In Caste system marriage is endogamous too, that is, Muslim people marry within their caste. However, Christians only marry outside their Zat, e.g, a Gill could not marry a Gill. Getting a right partner to marry is already a big issue among Christians of Pakistan and parents struggle a lot finding one. But when they get one, they come to know, they belong to same caste (Zat).

We do not know who our ancestors and forefather were, but we surely know they were Hindus and later converted to Christianity. The caste system of Hinduism is oppressive and missionaries converted poor Hindus to Christianity so that they can get equality in society. But since nothing changes after conversion to Christianity, what is the purpose of such religious conversion?

The Christian Doctrine teaches that all Christians are same. Hence, Apostle Paul writes in one of his letter to the Church of Rome “So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others” (Romans 12:5)

So I urge all young Christian brothers and sisters that we must discourage caste system. We must not divide ourselves in Zats and we must strive to eliminate such divisions as it is against the teaching of Christ. So say no to Caste System!