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SC rejects report on Badami Bagh Incident


ISLAMABAD: The Apex Court of the country turns down the initial report of the police on the Badami Bagh incident.

CJ rejects report of Punjab Police
CJ rejects report of Punjab Police

During today’s hearing of the suo motu notice on Saturday’s flammable attack on Joseph Town, Lahore; the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry declared the report presented by the Punjab Police to be “incomplete”. He added that the police appeared to be indulged in providing protection to the attackers rather than the affectees during the attack. He expressed his discontentment over the fact that the police delayed to lodge an FIR (First Investigation Report). He further inquired the reason of the evacuation of the area. The bench questioned that whether the issue was a property related matter.

Displaying dissatisfaction with the Inspector General of Punjab’s progress; the Chief Justice questioned the inability of the IG to get to facts of the incident, doubting his ability to perform his duty. The report falls short of the reason of the arson, neither does it mentions that actions have been taken against those responsible for this attack, he commented.