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Scholarships of 25m Rs at the disposal of minorities’ students in Punjab


Provincial minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs Khalil Tahir Sandhu has announced allocation of 25 million Rupees for the minorities’ students. He said that Punjab Government has allocated the funds in order to award need-based scholarships to the minorities’ students especially.

Minorities Students in Pakistan

Further delineating the endeavor, the provincial minister said that the Government of Punjab has already awarded scholarships of about 57 million Rupees to the minorities’ students in past three years. He went on to explain that this year’s development program has special focus on minorities’ students.

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He said that minorities’ students enrolled in F.A./F.Sc will receive scholarships of 20 thousand Rupees. Those enrolled in Matric/ O levels will be awarded 10 thousand Rupees. Students eligible for these scholarships must hail from minorities’ communities and permanent residents of Punjab. Students must also be enrolled in government institutes in order to avail themselves of this benefit.

Khalil Tahir said that the Government of Punjab has announced special scholarships for the minorities’ students for the year 2016-2017 and the needy students must apply for these scholarships. He said that minorities’ students who have taken M.B.B.S, D.V.M, B.D.S and other professional courses will receive 50 thousand Rupees. Students at Post Graduate levels will be awarded 35 thousand annually while for B.A/B.Sc students scholarships of 30 thousand Rupees are available.