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Security Of Asia Bibi On High Alert After DI Khan Prison Break


MULTAN: Security of blasphemy accused Asia Bibi on high alert followed by DI Khan jail break by militants.


Asia Noreen Bibi
Asia Noreen Bibi

Since Dera Ismael Khan’s jailbreak heaved up alarms about the general security at the country’s prisons, however, amid these rising concerns Asia Bibi accused of blasphemy fears for her life more than before. Previously, she was shifted to the Multan Jail under tightened security as she faced death threats in Sheikhupua Jail.


According to details, inside the jail, she has been kept isolated in a detached cell. Apart from this she is allowed out of her cell for only two hours each day during which time none of other prisoners are allowed to even walk around the secure unit. Police have taken these precautionary measures ensuring interminable security of Asia Bibi as her case is now being monitored at international level as well.


As illustrated by the Police seeing the Dera Ismael Khan jailbreak the 32 year old, was more at risk in the Sheikhupura Jail from outside over and above from within. Adding to this they say, that the Shiekhupura jail is vulnerable to a similar assault as in Dera Ismael Khan Jail.


Asia Noreen Bibi was arrested on 19th June, 2009; followed by pressure from her Muslim co-workers, to abandon Christianity and convert to Islam. Asia refused them by telling her co-workers about her faith in Christ. Asia told the Muslim women that “Christ had died on the cross for our sins.” “Our Christ is the true prophet of God,” she told them.


Infuriated by Asia’s refusal her co-workers began to beat her. Subsequently, she was locked up in a room by some men. Eventually, Police took her into custody and later charged her with blasphemy seventeen months later she was convicted and sentenced to death.


During past few months the extremist groups have accelerated their activities including kidnappings, attacks on Churches, death threats to blasphemy accused and pressurizing the judiciary to award capital punishment to the blapshemy accused. These groups are very likely to execute judgement themselves by killing the blasphemy accused men and women notwithstanding the legal course of action.