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Selection of minorities’ representatives is aimed at alienating the religious minorities politically, CDA claims


CDP rejects selection system for minorities

ISLAMABAD: Christian Democratic Party premier rejects selection based electoral system of Punjab Local Bodies’ elections.

According to Ben-Hur Yousaf Gill, Chairman of Christian Democratic Party (CDP) Chairman Gill he firmly rejected the selection based electoral system for minorities.
In this regard an official statement from CDP was released on Wednesday August 19.
He affirmed that CDP would endeavour to its utmost abilities not to allow the rulers to deprive the religious minorities from their constitutional right of electing their own representatives.

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Ben-Hur Yousuf Gill said it is however, that the double standards of the leaders which was apparent from the fact that they had accepted former president General (R) Pervez Musharraf’s electoral system of general election which was imposed on the religious minorities of Pakistan. But however, at the same time they rejected the Local Bodies Electoral System of former dictator.

He said, “We demand election not selection on the reserved seats for Non-Muslim (religious minorities).” At this occasion, CDP fervently criticized the practice of enforcing selection not election on the reserved seats for minorities, women, labourer and youth in the local bodies’ election.

Ben-Hur Yousuf Gill added that selection formula was intended for alienation of the religious minorities at political realm by means of electoral system of the LB election in Punjab. Ben-Hur said, “The current electoral system of LB election is in conflict with the Article 140-A and a grave violation of Article 226 of the Constitution.”

He further asserted that such policies of the government have established that the rulers merely aim to keep the nationalistic, lowly and peaceable religious minorities as their political and social slaves simultaneously belittling the society in general.