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“Selfies” Are Sinful Says An Indonesian Muslim Cleric


Selfies are sinful declares an Indonesian Muslim cleric.

Selfies are sinful says an Indonesian Muslim cleric
Selfies are sinful says an Indonesian Muslim cleric

According to media reports, a well-liked Indonesian Muslim cleric Felix Siauw declared ‘selfies’ sinful. He urged people to avoid taking them, especially the women.
The cleric took this his Twitter account, when he said that those who took selfies were giving way to pride, brazenness and arrogance. While referring to women, all he had to say was that women who indulged in taking selfies were ‘shameless’ and ‘impure’.

Markedly, the cleric has over one million followers on Twitter as he tweeted, “These days, many Muslim women take selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with facial poses that are just – My Goodness – where’s the purity in women?”

According to an international news agency The Daily Mail, he said that selfie-takers were frantic for social media views which made them ostentatious, adding that taking selfies made people feel ‘cooler’ and that we’ve fallen into the worst sin of all – arrogance. As a result of this tweet, retaliation was provoked on Twitter against his messages by many Indonesians. So, tens and thousands of men and women have started posting selfies on the social media using the hashtag #Selfie4Siauw. Moreover, some even grasped a humorous approach by posting selfies with a camel and a great white shark using the same hashtag.