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Seminar For Pastors On “Biblical Archaeology” Organized In Lahore



LAHORE: A Seminar on Biblical Archaeology and its importance was held for local Pastors in collaboration with International Gospel Mission.



Speakers in the seminar
Speakers in the seminar


According to details, Maranatha Church of Yeshua organized a Seminar on Friday 16th of August 2013, at International Gospel Mission Church in synchronization with the International Gospel Mission. Dr. Farzand Masih, Chairman Department of Archeology University of the Punjab Lahore delivered lecture in the Seminar.


The Seminar was attended by eminent Christian leaders as Rev. Dr. Marqas Fida Founder of IGM, Dr. David Irfan – Chief Editor of monthly Saawan International, a Christian magazine and Pakistan Christian Times, Rev. Tony William – Lecturer in HebrewUniversity of the Punjab.


This seminar was attended by several leaders from various denominations. Dr. Zechariah Qamar, Pastor and Chairman Maranatha Church of Yeshua- Lecturer in Greek and Latin University of the Punjab, led the seminar introducing all the guests whilst Dr. Marqas Fida prayed for Dr. Farzand Masih and the participants.


Dr. Farzand initiated his teaching by stressing upon the value of field of Archaeology and archaeological discoveries. He said,” Only with the help of Archaeology many hidden facts and controversial aspects of the Bible can be proved.” At the same time imparting valuable knowledge to the participants such as technical terms of Archaeology useful for pastors and preachers.


Dr. Farzand illustrated the story of Abraham who moved from Ur and travelled to other places mentioned in the Book of Genesis. He shared the knowledge concerning different ancient civilizations and very beautifully explained their times and different kingdoms and kings contemporary to Abraham. He also elucidated that,” Cyrus and later on Darius let the Jewish people go to their homeland and build their worship place.”


However, the core of his lecture was his teaching about the “Corner Stone.” He clarified the archaeological terms used for corner stone. Finally he presented a slide show that simplified “the actual function of corner stone in which the corner stone lifted all the weight of the dome or a roof.”  And so, he developed,” the importance of Christ being the real Corner Stone, who joined the earthly ones with the heavenly one just like a corner stone joins the walls with the dome or roof (dome or roof being symbol of heavenly levels) and the same title is mentioned in the Gospels and Epistles for Christ.”


At the end of the seminar, Pator Anwer Gill prayed and thanked God for Dr. Farzand Masih’s lecture acknowledging the efforts of Maranatha Church of Yeshua and International Gospel Mission Church.